Tito accuses Anderson of knocking him out with an illegal strike


Tito was clearly out after the first shot and the second looks like it glances across the back of his head due to him already going face first into the ring post.


You are incorrect.


And so it begins

Tito was out cold from the right


According to my mom Tito’s head was just too heavy.

I think she may have nailed it.

I want to watch a UFC card with your Mom on colour commentating.

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Tito was KO’d from the first punch. He was out on his feet. Tito’s head no longer turns due to fused discs. Tito’s head was turned from that punch. He’s lucky to be able to bitch.


Jump kicks a great poster but i gotta disagree on this one But respect his opinion

he had no business boxing or even fighting I agree he was out cold first punch and his neck dont turn.He was very cool when I met him but as a fan he should retire Hed be a great coach or commentator

No he would not.

Tito had no business as a commentator and would not even take elocution lessons despite knowing his skills on the mic are limited.

Tito works hard and brings in the best for his training but he has natural skills there and is successful.

He does not have that with the mic and he refuses to face the fact and it led to his downfall as Cyborg’s manager and as Affliction’s interviewer.


Cyborg was a handful to coach She should have rematched Nunez .I thought Tito was an excelllent coach on TUF But that was years ago.maybe hed suck as acommentator Im sure he dont need me to find him a job

Tito needs to see that footage. Glanced off his shoulder. Lol

Tito gonna tito

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still think its fake?

this is the one that killed him


alleged strike to the back of the head

tito doesnt look too awake there either

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always an excuse with tito

I had a cracked Skull
I had Dress shoes on
He hit me behind the ear


The guy has had a lot of excuses over the years.

did not hit back of head
tito full of shit

Leave tito alone. The man fought with a broken skull!

If it wasn’t for Lee Murray saying that he didn’t knock Tito out cold,I wouldn’t have believed Tito saying that he wasn’t knocked out after this bullshit.

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