Tito and "Nappy Headed Ho" comment

to Rashad..........http://ufcjunkie.com/

No class Tito.

I hope Rashad knocks him out.

Did he get your vagina upset ilk?

No, I had it operated on.

Let the Pornishment begin!

Knock knock..

I'm still waiting for Rashad's wife vs Bonners's brother

Will Tito cry?

P.S. The new bodog posters suck.

Another thread I will have to return to once Rashard beats the piss out of Tito, and gloat on. That's if Tito doesnt back out of the fight.

"No, I had it operated on.
Let the Pornishment begin!"
and was this vaginoplasty a success?

go Rashad!


He might if Jenna gets involved.

Of all people, youd think Tito would be the last to make something racial.

deep down inside Tito knows he's in a ton of trouble. his pre-fight insults are just a manifistation of his insecurity

"and was this vaginoplasty a success"?

YES! I mean NO....too much swelling to tell.

"oh god, shut the fuck up...... it was a joke.. get a fuckin life"

NO IT WASN'T..........HE'S WRONG, YOU'RE WRONG. I'm sore.

It's still funny...

"Win or lose, it sounds like Tito's an unoriginal bigot."

I completely agree.

Slappy is very wise.

Funny as sh!t and I'm not a huge Tito fan.

Time to scoop the sand out bitches. With both hands.

You Al Sharpton cocksmokers can blow me too.

Who's Al Sharpton? I bet Jenna knows.

Slappy is a very, very wise man!

Tito is going to get CRUSHED!