Tito at +300. Does he have a shot?

 Cuz' there's some money to be made here.

I love Tito but this new motivated Rashad is keeping me from betting against him. The only thing Rashad has going against him is TIME away from the octagon.....THAT'S IT!

Answer: NO.

Just out of curiosity, what's the line for Tito by submission?

 Considering he won the first one, sure.

here's another on that's interesting

George St Pierre

Nick Diaz

i think this line will get bigger than +300. im thinking it will be at least at +400 come fight night

I don't see Tito winning. Phone Post

 i just put money on Diaz before they fix the line on that. i bet it's even come fight time.

Of course he does.He's coming off a solid win,and Rashad hasnt fought in a long time.He's got the tools to win,plus you got to throw in the anything can happen in mma factor,lol!Tito by TKO
Does anybody know if this a 5rd fight?