Tito & Chuck at K1 in Vegas

It was kinda funny to see Tito and his crew hanging out all night on the fighters entry runway - they never seemed to move from that spot. Tito kept making
fellatio (BJ) gestures to people in the audience - maybe he was hooking up?

Chuck on the other hand was all over the place and mingled throughout the place but the two MADE NO CONTACT - YOU COULD FEEL AND SEE THE TENSION IN AN ODD WAY - just by the level of seperation. THESE TWO ARENT TALKING FOR REAL - ANY INKLING OF A FRIENDSHIP WAS NON EXSISTENT.

Tito and Chuck ended up at the same Nightclub on Thursday night and even the bouncers asked if "Hey were not going to have problems here are we" - they didnt have enuf guys if it got nasty but it stayed cool the respective teams stayed on seperate floors of the club and the bouncers watched NERVOUSLY!

Just an FYI!


LOL I wouldn't want to be the bouncer on duty that night.

I was waiting for LEE MURRAY suddenly appear to complete the circle of tension!

fuck, imagine being a bouncer on that night. Evengthough Chuck beat the shit outta Tito, i still say that Titos crew would have whooped up on Chucks crew, becasue of one man. That mans name is RAMPAGE!!! Rampage would rape chuck again, and free tito and the rest of the guys up to take care of the rest of the crew.

Imagine being the bartender at the nightclub, can you inmagine the mad tips!!!!

Well beleive it or not Rampage was off doing his own thing - we hung with them for a few. His crew (BJ Penn & Razor Rob as well) were a couple of booths over in the Bellagio Cafe having a midnight meal when we were there. NO TITO IN SIGHT!

Chuck and his boys were all over the place as cool as eva - NO FEAR!


Sure dude you believe what you read I'll believe what I see. The guys in the crew said it all.