Tito/Chuck Biggest Fans?

If you think that you are Tito or Chuck's biggest fan then email us why you think you are.

You can include photos or anything that you feel will help support your entry.

The winner will be filmed in an exclusive UFC documentary.

email responses by January 7 to:


SUBJECT: Tito Fan or Chuck Fan

Im definietly one of Chucks biggest fans,but Im with BSF on this one.I always luaghed at the "cornerman for a day",sitting there looking all goofy,wishing the camera would focus on something else.This couldnt be much better.

But I cant wait to see which Titomaniac is chosen for the documentery...hell be all like "Tito rocks dude!!Totally!!Tito can catch bullets with his teeth!!And plus his hair is blonde which is like totally rad!!AND he knows Fred Durst....OMG!!"

I bet someone on the forum that Babalu would beat Chuck. Well he didnt so I lost and I had to get a mohawk just like Chuck Liddell. I even put a fake tattoo on the side of my head.

I have the pics somewhere on my comp

"I have the pics somewhere on my comp"

lol...I gotta see that.

LOL I posted them a while ago. There in my other comp unless I deleated them

I've liked Tito since he first fought Albright then
Guy...so I guess I've always liked him.

I remember Chuck fighting Pele and that haircut of his so I've always liked him too.

In general...I love most fighters that fight in MMA.

Yes, I'm a fan. (period)

[my last post till after xmas...
Happy Holidays Everybody...peace]



I think skelboy is the biggest Tito Ortiz fan. Just check out the website he created dedicated in part to Tito Ortiz:


I've been waiting for Tito-Chuck for a long time.

I like both fighters.....but I've been a Tito-maniac for a long
time :)

I hope Tito wins and silences his obnoxious critics

MJ- Can you post the pics when you get back in town?


ferox13-That pic and shirt is queer. Grow a real goatee.

lol@KOB not knowing.

70s Bush? Give my a break pussy.


That picture is great, it almost looks real.

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