do you guys think that Chuck is really that much more dominant than Tito??? Or was Chuck just on fire and Tito executed a poor game plan?

If they where to re-match will it be the same one sided domination? or will it be a 2 sided war? I think it would be a damn good war if they rematched. I still believe that those 2 guys can both beat eachother on any given night.

"All trolling aside, He did fuck Tito's eye up, that was a big factor imo"

Yes i think that as well, but your not alloud to defend tito on this forum without being called a troll. But i really do think the thumb fucked it all up for Tito.

IMO Chuck would KO him in the first round next time.But I dont think Tito wants a rematch,he didnt wanna fight him the first time.

lol@the thumb excuse.If there were 10 more seconds on the clock in round one,it would have ended the same way,without a thumb.Furthermore,Tito looked right at Chuck after the "gouge" so whether or not he could see shouldnt be an issue.

If you really cared about Titos well being,you wouldnt encourage him to get back in the cage with Chuck.

Tito looked scared of Chuck, I think for Tito to be able to beat Chuck he has to believe he can first.

In post fight interviews he seemed to think that surviving one round with Chuck was some sort of moral victory for him.

I'll admit Tito looked scared entering the octagon,but I dont think his lack of confidence is what lost the fight for him.Its actually the other way around,he knew he wasnt gonna win the fight therefore he lacked confidence.

You have "Fighter A" that has consistantly beat "Fighter B" in training and then "Fighter B" refuses to fight "Fighter A" for two years.

Finally, when they fight, they walk out and "Fighter A" looks completely confident, relaxed, happy to be there and in shape...then "Fighter B" walks out and looks nervous, like he's forcing himself to be there.

"Fighter A" could be anyone and "Fighter B" could be anyone, but this set up is a set-up for "Fighter A" to be dominating the night.

Everyone defended Tito saying that it was his right to not fight Chuck if he didn't want to and that he should get a good payday out of it if that's what he wants. This is true, but what's also true is that there was a reason that he didn't want to fight Chuck and both of them knew it. You can bet your ass that if he thought Chuck was a easy fight he would of fought him rather than be subjected to the criticism for so long. Think about it. They're both great fighters and I think they deserve respect and do respect each other as that but they also trained together alot and know where they stand with each other. That's why the fight went down the way it did.

The accidental thumbing, allowed Chuck to unload on Tito, without fear of being countered. Tito was trying to coverup, but wasn't throwing anything back at Chuck. I think it ended the fight more quickly, but Chuck was going to win. Chuck looked very sharp and his striking was too strong for Tito. I thought Tito was going to win, but it didn't take long for me to start to think that Tito was in trouble.

2 great fighters.

Gary Hughes

I think Tito now twice has been defeated in two matches that above all else showed a bad game plan. He wrestled Randy. He traded with Chuck.

It seems his enemies know how to tick him off. Chuck made all the noise about how "everybody knew" that he would beat Tito if they stood and traded. So they stood and traded. I think Tito is excellent, but should trade a bit of that ego for smarts. He has the brains for it, but his arrogance gets the better of him. You need to capitalize on your advantages even knowing it would feel even better beating them at their own turf. It's a luxury you can't afford.

Tito should be more careful at setting a game plan and sticking to it. And that involves not just doing what's good for you, but was is worse for your opponent. He has the versatility to pull it off. But that means that you deny your opponents use of their favorite game.