Tito decided to take the fight?

shamrock/ortiz is back on for july?? this is great news if true...does anyone have the complete story?


Read one of the 8-10 threads on the subject for the full story.

Why would they have a rubber match after Tito kills him again?

No need for a rubber match. Tito is still going to win.

^^^ shut the fuck up ^^^

Tito could go into the ring missing a leg and still probably beat Ken...

looked back to 150 threads and didn't see any other mentioning this. Could we have the details here?


I hope if they do fight it proves to be a good match.

But I doubt it.

"^^^ shut the fuck up ^^^ "

I'm sorry you can't handle the truth, which is sad. Ken will lose this fight... Again. People need to come to terms that Ken is fight for a paycheck. Simple as that. And wrestling websites aren't the ones that are reporting this. Insidefighting.com are the ones that conducted the interview with Tito. Go there and read it for yourself to see exactly what happened. Wrestling websites that post MMA news are the cancer of this sport other than the wrestling observer because he's been here since the beginning.

i cant wait!!!

I'm amazed anyone cares about this fight... Ken takes a beating for money. This fight and AA killing Sylvia in a rematch on the same card makes for the first UFC I can remember not paying for (unless they come up with some monster undercard).