Tito discusses decision to decline Rashad rematch

Tito just posted on his Twitter that he needed to make the "right choices" in his career. He's only 10 days removed from his first win in almost five years and has been parting in Vegas since. It was a no-brainer, no? Full Story

How many 'full stories' have twitter posts made for people?

Smart move by Tito. Phone Post

probably a good decision on is part

Smart move. I would have liked to see the fight but Tito could easily squander his sudden moment with a short notice fight only a month removed from his last.

THE_PREDATOR - Smart move by Tito. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Dont blame tito one bit. Its no secret they have matched him with murderers row of guys last couple of years with Griffin, machida, evans etc (hamill was just a sad loss) He just got his big comeback win after all that shit let him relax.

Rychek - I'd like to see him fight Rich Franklin, they both have been around for a while and I think it'd be one hell of a match.

 yup thats a fight ive been wanting to see for a lil while now!  should be a gooder if they ever lock it down!

I don't blame him at all. He said he was up to 225lb before fight and prolly tough to cut weight properly to get back down in a few weeks. It's a great opportunity but he has to feel ready and he didn't. He is either gonna fight rua/griffin or lil nog/Franklin so should be interesting Phone Post

Time will tell if it's wise, but I absolutely understand where he's coming from.

That romoshop is so awesome

 well if he really wants to move into title contention, he should fight someone like rashad in the top 5, but their first fight sucked so bad i dont wanna see a rematch

I could see Tito getting the winner of Franklin/Little Nog or maybe a rematch with Hamill.

Dumb move by Tito, he came thru Bader unscathed winning this would put him in contention.

If he would have taken the fight he would get a blank cheque of losses before he gets cut, look at Mirko...goodwill will keep getting you fights. But now I think 1 more loss and he is on his way out. Phone Post

 might be reconsidering?! 

Tito will milk that win for a LOOOOONG time. He's on top of the world right now and he's gonna savor the flavor. Not saying it's a good or a bad thing but he wants to try to be relevant again and he actually just won a fight. He won't fight for a long time and he'll probably lose when he does and it'll be over. I think Tito knows that's very possible as well so I wouldn't look for him to fight anytime soon.

I wonder how much of a premium they offer to legit guys like Machida and Tito to step in on very short notice to save the main event? I would expect to double my salary.