Tito/Forrest NOT that close

Couple of comments on this fight:

  1. The UFC Hype Machine was in full effect for Forrest last night. Goldie, Rogan, and Bonnar wouldn't stfu the whole fight about Forrest this and that, even while Tito was laying an unmitigated beating on Forrest in Round 1.

  2. Close decision??? People booing? You've got to be kidding me. Round 1 could easily have been scored 10/8 for Tito, who had his way with Forrest against the fence, dropping bomb after bomb on Forrest's head. Forrest basically won the second round by default. Tito easily won the third round even before the takedown, which just sealed it for him.

  3. Please get rid of Eddie Bravo. He truly displayed any lack of mma knowledge and/or objectivity by scoring the last round for Forrest. It's a joke anyway having a submission grappler who retired after one significant win, who has never had a pro fight, scoring these fights. I'd rather see a real mma personality in the booth or scoring the fight. How about Renzo, or Miletich, or Coutoure, or anyone other than Goldie and Bravo???!!!

  4. Fact is, Tito laid a beating on Forrest last night, especially considering his bum knee. Tito opened up cuts under both eyes of Forrest and walked away untouched. Forrest's offense consisted of about 3 punches that landed flush and never hurt Tito.

  5. Forrest is a decent fighter, with a great heart, but no way in Tito's league yet. Merely absorbing a beating and mounting no discernable offense against a rusty, injured former champ does not mean that you "belong". It means you'd make a decent sparring partner. Forrest needs to work on his offense.

Spot on.

agree with pretty much everything.

I agree.

ttt - great summary

When Tito hit Forrest, Forrest would stumble back an do a gesture..When Forrest hit Tito he looked unphazed..I didnt see all the "wincing" they were talking about. I did see Tito blink his right eye a lot like he got sweat in it though



i think tito should have lost that fight.

In my opinion, if Tito was 100%, and you could easily see that he wasn't after Round 1, then Tito probably would of dominated the fight. You could see in Rounds 2 & 3 that he was doing half shots.


Tito actually landed mroe clean shots in the third.

Just because Forrest threw more doesn't mean he landed more. Almost all of them went off of Tito's arms.

"Just because Forrest threw more doesn't mean he landed more. Almost all of them went off of Tito's arms. "

Yes! This is what happens to most MMA fans, and seems to be coloring goku's view of round three.

They see a guy throwing punches, and in their minds eye they automatically assume they are landing.

In reality, very little of what FOrrest threw actually hit Tito, most either were misses, or blocked very nicely by Tito's guard.

goku, Tito was the guy who outlanding FOrrest 10 to 1.

Tito really outboxed Forrest beautifully that third round. The area that was suppossed to be Forrest's chance for victory, and Tito controlled it easily.

Event he second round, Forrest was largely ineffective. I gave him that round basically by default. FOrrest won that round because Tito was so inactive, rather than for being overly effective with his own attack.

lets not forget that Forrest did no real daamge to Tito, while everything Tito was hitting Forrest with was impactful.

Tito easily won that fight

I'm impressed he fought since it was obvious his knee injury was bothering him

Tito dominated the first and won the third.

I agree that Tito won by a HAIR. If Forrest would have stuffed that last takedown at the end, I truly believe Forrest would have been the victor.

It'd be nice to see a rematch somewhere down the line.

Beh.. I didn't think it was that close, but it wasn't that much of a Tito killing.

I scored it 10-8 for Tito the first round (I'd score it 10-7, since it was really close to being stopped), 10-9 Forest for the second round and Even in the last round.

Tito had the third round won even before the takedown - he was better on his feet in round 3

He won...

But what about that whining at the end. "Randy didnt want to train me." Yada-yada, boo hoo. I mean come on, grow up. That is why people love forrest, because he brings and doesnt miss a beat afterwords.