TitO Freedom Fight Night Cronies Create Energy Drink to Combat " Mental Problems "


Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is back with Arizona-based entrepreneur and media personality Harrison Rogers for “Freedom Fight Night 3,” which takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Nov. 4, 2022) inside Arizona Financial Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona.

The live MMA event is part of the United Fight League (UFL), which hopes to separate itself from the pack (or beat World Fighting League to the punch) by “building team franchise systems with the goal of forming at least one [franchise] in all 50 U.S. states.”
In addition, Harrison and Co. will be debuting a brand new energy drink that will not only pay the bills, but also help fighters struggling with mental health issues, thanks to a proprietary blend of healthy caffeine, healthy energy, and neuro-something or other.

“Our league is coming out with a very important energy drink, it’s not only a financial grab that’s gonna help the league pay everybody … we believe very heavily in mental health as much as physical health. And so a lot of these fighters … I’ve heard horror stories of the mental problems that you can’t fix with surgery. Some of my background is in the mental health world and there are ingredients, there are different things you can do to protect and help give yourself the best chance of mental survival. Longevity as well. So these drinks are healthy caffeine, they’re healthy energy, but they are really focused on different neuro … and I’m gonna butcher a lot of the things, the scientists who we have working on these drinks are gonna be like, ‘Shut up Harrison, you are gonna kill it before it even gets off the ground.’ But, we cannot wait for people to sing its praises on the mental clarity, the fight against depression, the fight against anxieties, the fight against the … a lot of these fighters have — everybody else has, it’s not just fighters. We’re very excited for this energy drink.”
Freedom Fight Night 3 will be led by team captains and former UFC stars Ryan Bader and Ben Henderson. Other notable names in attendance are Quinton Jackson and BJ Penn, just to name a few. Penn has been cozying up to Ortiz in recent months over these issues.
Here is the Freedom Fight Night 3 fight card and lineup:

170 lbs.: Luis CondeNavarro vs. Ben Goodwin
185 lbs.: Shane Sobnosky vs. Aaron Highbaugh
135 lbs.: Rebecca Evans vs. Zurina Turrey
185 lbs.: Lucas Barbosa vs. Freddy Sandoval
145 lbs.: Anthony Birchak vs. Leonardo Morales
145 lbs.: Tial Thang vs. Jose Delgado
265 lbs.: Manny Lopez vs. Elias Flores
130 lbs.: Marie Hendrickson vs. Madelynne Wade
155 lbs.: Kevin Fabela vs. Caleb Encinas
205 lbs.: Marcus Nash vs. Luis Reyes

For more on Freedom Fight Night 3 click here.

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Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch energy drink > Freedom Fight Night energy drink.


Rampage on stage and they are talking about energy drinks. Bruh.


Lots of folks will not know what you are talking about,but I do.

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Wow. I am equally parts impressed and terrified this may have been consumed by adult human beings who have functioning brains. If they really knew anything about “The Cannon” they would not let it come near their mouth or any other orifice just to be safe. His endorsement actually is a warning to not consume this.

I dunno if Page is the best spokesman for energy drinks.
He literally blamed them for making him crazy.

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Freedom Fight” was actually a Mixed Martial Arts promotion here in Canada in the early 2000s.

OOOOh Yeah