tito=futa1?? what?

TTT really stands for

Tito Tity twister!!!

 lol @ everyone ignoring Shiloh.

guess no one cares

A lot of UG achievement in this thread.

 FUTA has new meaning after his last fight. FUTA= Fucked Up The Abs.

Lil Nog fucked that shit up!

I think it had something to do with a porn company that sponsored him in the early years. I don't remember the specifics. Phone Post

 Tito was sponsored by Spanky`s & like Shiloh said,he took over the account from a friend.

crazydave -
Wa Grappler - Fuck You Tank Abbot

 Boss lurking.

TTT Phone Post

spg - 
MoreThanUFC -  I always thought it was Fucked Up The Ass by Dana.  Could be wrong, but that's what I always thought.

TTT for TiTo to respond.

Tito was FUTA1 long before Dana entered the picture..

You mean...The UFC existed before Dana White?! Mind blown.

Tito post here on the regular when he was champ .

times have changed .

I think some the newer fans on here need to be educated properly about MMA.tv , they need to understand what the members have done and how we have contributed to the sport .

we are basically MMAs online entity and we have been here from the start . Phone Post