What happened to jiu jitsu 101... throw the other hook in and go for the choke. WTF!?!

What is the right grip ?

Over shoulder and under shoulder for control, then begin attacking the
neck with hooks/hook in ?

"I know, it was weird. Tito's subs are usually top notch."

He haven't had a sub in how many years?

That was his one opportunity to either sub him or wear Chuck out. Tito looked petrified and dumbfounded that he actually got his back.

jiu jitsu 101? Looks like Zero9 needs a refresher on wrestling/grappling 101: hips lower than your opponent-go for the takedown/throw; hips higher than your opponent-go for the choke/submission/strikes.

Green Namer is correct...
Tito had a waist lock and if anything was more in position for a suplex (but Chuck defended by sagging forward/centering) than "throwing the hooks in". Essentially he was too "low" and yes, he did not have the right grip (at least one arm over the shoulder so you can pull your hips up higher and throw in the hooks).

BlazinAsian, as I recall, they were both seated on the ground first. Tito had time to maneuver.

zEro9 watches as BlazinAsian checks through his jitsu 101 guide and rewatches the Chuck/Tito match.