Q. "what makes a "new breed of fighters?" and tell me how this "new breed of fighters" are capable of developing more skills than Matt Hughes or Tito Ortiz?"

A. A better more well rounded skill set.


You and everyone else will only know a year or two from now when you see fighters beating those guys to get a title shot.

Keepers o' Gate

p.s. Hughes didn't loose to GSP. He got OWNED.

You shouldn't drink the cool-aid.

"Hughes can and will beat GSP. You'll all see."

Considering that Hughes just got more completely dominated in every phase of a fight than any other top fighter has in recent memory, this sounds rather ludicrous. GSP completely outclassed Hughes in every facet. Boxing, kickboxing, wrestling (offensive and defensive), speed, agility, focus. It was a clinic.

Hughes has nothing for him, not now, and not in the future.

TTT for "clinic"


Maybe you should try decaf.

jpm995 1yr later: "Damn... Hughes is a gatekeeper. Now I understand what they were saying on the UG."

I don't think JoeBoxer212 was trying to be disrespectful, I just don't think he understands what the term "gatekeeper" actually means.

I agree the term "Gatekeeper" as it applies to Boxing may not cross over to MMA. But, if you think Hughes will not beat GSP and Tito will not beat Chuck, both fighters could be considered "Gatekeepers" for those weight divisions in the future. Time will tell IMO.

Gatekeeper in boxing = solid fighter who hangs around for a while (journeymen); who never really gets to the top. Just not quite skilled enough to hold the title. Although, this does not mean that they NEVER win a title.

Betting favorite? Who cares?

Who could beat Hughes? Penn(he has), Sanchez and possibly Koscheck.

The point is there are more and more young fighters coming up and I don't think Hughes will ever dominate again.

"lol at any dumbass that thinks they are gate keepers..especially hughes"

So true.

Hughes will never become a Gatekeeper... If he retires now.

Those guys are contenders not gatekeepers. There's a difference. A gatekeeper is someone at the low end of the very upper echelon of fighters while a contender is in the top 3. Tito and Matt just lost title fights so by definition they are contenders.

they are way too good to be gate keepers. a gate keeper is a 500 level fighter. if you beat him you are in.. if you lose.. get outa here. kinda like big daddy goodridge was for pride.

"no...Hughes was the best 170 pound Champion ever..Not only in the U.S."

Key word "was"

if hughes keeps any gate its the 1 to the title shot vs gsp. beat matt and u get 1


lol...obviously "gatekeeper" was the WRONG word to use. I apologize. I
couldn't think of a better word so I said "gatekeeper to CHUCK AND GSP!"

In this context they are the last person you fight before you meet the
champ. Not a gatekeeper in the original sense of the word....of course
not! Both Matt and Tito are still good fighters.

Point is that I just don't see them beating the current champs. I don't see
Tito or Matt (and go read past posts where I am huge fans of both)
improving that much more than they already have. They've almost
fulfilled their potential imo. There will still be a few guys that read the
thread only and then post "anyone who thinks Tito Hughes are
gatekeepers is a troll"

wait until the rematch before you start writing hughes off

This just in... Hughes is done.