Tito: I would have beat Jon Jones in my prime

Considering Tito’s absolutely brainless & ridiculous behavior in regards to covid, I’m not surprised at all.

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Well I was just making a cocaine joke there really, but yeah Chuck vs. anyone was always a good chance of him sleeping them with that weird power. Like that Jon that didn’t know WTF to do vs. Gustaffson once wrestling didn’t work early on would’ve probably gotten KTFO before he made the adjustments later.

Me too, Tito. Me too.

I hope Tito never ends. When was/is there not great entertainment value?

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I remember watching one of his fights and Rogan talking about Tito being one of the first to take cross training seriously and being one of the first true mixed martial artists


DC himself said Jones strength was deceptive and it caught him off guard in the clinch. Tito would have nothing for him. JUCO national champ (Jones) was being courted by Ohio but got his women preggers so he instead opted to make money as a fighter.

‘Cross training’ Havnt heard that phrase in years.

I’m not new to this I’m true to this

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I didn’t even catch that joke, well played lol.

He’s entitled to his opinion. He earned it.

Ha ha jokes.
Wouldn’t even be competitive.

They had one of these in Kandahar

He wouldn’t have been a favorite, but people forget that Tito at one point was the consensus #1 LHW in the world. A prime Chuck would have caused JBJ problems IMO.

what was titos best win in his prime? lets exclude guys that went to 185 once they had the option

No he wouldnt

That eye rake to overhand combo was pretty hard to defend.

Tito would have gotten knocked out.

Tito lives in confusion since he fought with a cracked skull

Nice to see Tito and Chuck have moved into HEWASABEASTINHISPRIME! Fantasy mode now just like the original UFC and Pride guys.
Jon Jones would have killed both of them.