tito in top 50 beautiful poeple??


Tito Ortiz (Pictures): A Knockout in Issue Showcasing the Hottest Hispanic Stars of 2007

LOS ANGELES - (May 1, 2007) - Mixed Martial Arts Champ Tito Ortiz (Pictures) has been selected as one of the "50 Most Beautiful" Hispanic celebrities by People En Español. He will be featured in the magazine hitting newsstands on Tuesday May 1st and will also be appearing in its "50 Most Beautiful" TV special, which airs at 9:00 pm on Tuesday, May 19th on Telemundo. Tito Ortiz (Pictures) is the only mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete to be in the issue.

"I am proud of my heritage and thrilled to have a large following of Hispanic fans, so I am honored to be sharing the issue with so many wonderful members of the Latino community," said Mr. Ortiz. "Being selected and being photographed for the issue and then taped for the TV special was a terrific experience for me."

Jacob "Tito" Ortiz is a legendary and controversial MMA fighter. His career has been mostly within the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization, where he was Light-Heavyweight champion and became one of the UFC's shining stars. He has headlined PPV championship events and has appeared on the covers of dozens of magazines.

A native of Huntington Beach, CA, Ortiz is also known as "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy"- admired as both a colorful showman and talented athlete. His acting ability and charisma have earned him roles in several films and TV series, most recently an appearance on the CBS series "NUMB3RS." He also donates substantial time to charitable work, makes appearances to support the U.S troops and heads a successful sportswear firm, Punishment Athletics, (www.punishmentathletics.com.) For more information on Tito Ortiz (Pictures) visit www.titoortiz.com.

About Tito Ortiz (Pictures):

Jacob "Tito" Ortiz (born January 23, 1975) is a legendary participant of the sport of mixed martial arts, or "MMA." Ortiz' career has been mostly within the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization. A former Light-Heavyweight UFC champion, Ortiz has become one of the sport's shining stars, headlining pay per view championship events and appearing on the cover of such magazines as Black Belt. He is a native of Huntington Beach, CA and is also known as "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy." Tito Ortiz (Pictures) is recognized as a charismatic and controversial fighter and has also acted in several films and TV series. Whatever the opinions of Ortiz, he is regarded as a colorful showman, talented athlete and successful business executive who heads sportswear company Punishment Athletics.


WTF?? thats all i can say...lol

lol, he is not a good looking dude.

I hate how People magazine always has to scrounge around to find "beautiful" people that fit in certain minority groups.

I'm Asian, and I'm usually horrifed by the asian celebrities they pick to be in that Most Beautiful issue.

We need some more head romoshops!! Tito romoshops are always funny.


Big Head Tito? I hate to see what the other 49 look like :)

Ninja please!

pel1300, is you is dumb is shit is!! Arf!! Arf!!

what asians have been in the people top 50?

serious question....

Lucy Liu?

They must have never seen Babalu.



Can anyone imagine that uproar if there was a Top 50 hottest caucasions".

Hey StuMc, you might wanna learn to read (and spell) because then you could quite easily find out that being hispanic has nothing to do with race. "Hispanic" specifically refers to Spain, and to the Spanish-speaking nations of the Americas, as cultural and demographic extensions of Spain. Cameron Diaz, Sammy Sosa and Danny Trejo are all hispanic.

congrats Tito

Tito represents, heritage has nothing to do with speaking a language. Its in your blood. + People mag choses celebs. very few MMA guys have crossed over like tito, now chuck (no not norris)

Lots of sausage benders pulling for brazilians

I'd do you Tito!

errr I mean, I think you are ok...

He has good ears for a wrestler not being ghey or anything.

thanks to his big azz head he came in at #s 38, 39 and 40.

na, big ups to tito, it's good publicity and tito's doin his thing a da thing. plus he's bangin jenna. and all ya'll know you'd be more than happy to bang jenna. cept for those of you with rainbow bumper stickers.

Good for him.

HOWEVER I fully expect this thread to reach at least 4 pages filled w/ hateful rants from jealous douchebags. Proceed.....


All of a sudden, I dont feel so ugly.