Tito is so scared

look at this fake smile, he knows he's going to be KOed again

Fighters fight their best when scared. And LMAO @ Chuck's psycho staredown. Imagine him staring down Wandy? OMG

This is gonna be a great fight.

He also quickly put his shoes on while Liddell was getting off the scale so he could intimidate him.

or he just looks like a fighter....

Caro's book of tells


Sheesh, Tito looks HUGE next to Chuck. (and no, not just his melon either...)

Sheesh, getting knocked out by someone smaller than you is teh suck.

Chuck looks very lean...

I didn't realize tito was taller than chuck...or maybe he was just wearing shoes...

I thought that the whole time before the first fight but this time I think he looks much different and I am picking him to win

He borrowed The Pav's flat toes.

Nope. Don't think he's scared. I'll take Tito WITH the odds!

Maybe he was just a little bit dehydrated from cutting weight...He'll blow back up come fight time...

I used the word "lean" because I didn't want to say "skinny"...

I'm not going to buy into the doubts...

Chuck has never been accused of being a specimen.

He will, however, knock the fuck out of the best competition they put in front of him. Then go have a beer.

Tito said, "I just want to get this fight over with".

He is scared shitless of Chuck, that is for sure. He knows his odds are slim to none.

Tito will win.

I am no Tito fan but that dude is ready to fight. could be a good one!

Granted that Tito obviously has a bigger head, there are several other factors causing him to look so much bigger:

  1. Tito's wearing a t-shirt... it's folds stick out increasing the overall appearance of size, especially in the back, shoulders, and arms

  2. Tito's wearing shoes (?)... I believe someone said he had just put them back on after weigh-in

  3. The photo's depth of field... it doesn't look to me like they are directly face to face, more like Tito's slightly in the foreground (his right shoulder in nearer in line with Chuck's head or even right shoulder than his left)

In a more controlled comparison Tito may still look bigger, I'm just saying this isn't a perfect comparison , and it compliments Tito

LOL at both the size of Titos head and Chucks beer gut!!

I hope all the Chuck fans are ready for a war, no way will this be a one sided fight.

two less flattering pics of Tito....