Tito is the best fighter...

I think, and I'm sure everyone here on the UG thinks...of the night. Good to see Tito is still looking good at 205 years old.

haha jks. I bet on Bader because I thought it was a gimme. Lost $30 but I don't care cos its good to see a legend like Tito reign supreme. Let the jubilations continue!!!

Greatest LHW champ of all time! The weight class was made for him to rule the world in.

for sure. he tooken out what was just months ago considered a potential threat to the lhw title puckers lips

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 of the night

longest reigning ufc fighter reigns supreme !!!!!!!!!!

Negrodamus - Tito Ortiz is walking proof that I can still respect someone, while hating every single aspect of that person's existence. I can't figure out, for the life of me, why so many of you like him. He's a grown man that still dies his hair blonde, married a pornstar, is the most conceited individual in the ufc, and makes an excuse for every single loss he's ever had. Then goes on the ultimate fighter and makes fun of a guy that tapped to strikes, which he himself has done. Do u guys really love him because u don't like Dana, and he was one of the few guys to step up to openly clown Dana in public back in the day? Or do u feel a certain need to defend anyone that fought in the ufc before it went mainstream?

(and yes, I do respect what he's done in the sport....and I do know he know he's good to his fans)

Easy. He probably has been to the middle east more than most other fighters I have seen him twice there. Actually likes his fans. And if you were ALWAYS a fan of the UFC and MMA he may have been the reason you stayed a fan a one point when MMA was in the slums in the USA.