Tito no show = Tito laughing?

The whole thing makes me think that Tito set the whole thing up in his contract knowing he would never fight Dana just to get back at him and make Dana go through hell for virtually no reason.

They mentioned that Tito felt Dana kind of dropped him in the mud and left him out to dry when he took the position as president. Perhaps Tito's intention was to put Dana through the hell of getting in to shape, sacrificing his time and body only to not get anything in the end.

Either Tito no showed Dana to teach Dana a lesson on "what it takes to be a fucking fighter", or he just backed out. There is only ONE conclusion that you can get at the end of the show though........


I felt like I was getting jacked off by Jessica Biels asscheeks at the prospect of seeing fighter vs president, only to an hour and a half later ready to blow my load when I look down and see this:

Tito looked like a fool IMO.

Plus his revenge is what? Dana White is now in shape? OOOOOHHH good burn.

Plus his revenge is what? Dana White is now in shape? OOOOOHHH good burn. "

No, he made Dana go through a ton of shit and training. Going through that much shit makes you want to win so that all the training was not for nothing. When you cant fight after going through all that it pisses you off and lets you down. If Tito made this a part of the contract, with the intentions of never fighting but stringing Dana through a ton of bullshit only to find out Dana never was going to spar with him, Tito gets the last laugh. No matter what he looks like, he is marketable. Shit, tons of people just watched an hour and a half of him and Dana on TV. Thats free press, and any press is good press. If someone I didnt like, asked me to sign a contract to fight, I traveled all over trained a shit load and got in shape only to have said fighter say "nah we arent fighting" it would fucking piss me off, even more so if they seem to have never intended on doing it in the first place.

both me and my girl are pissed. fucking waste of time, i could've been
watching Iron Chef.

keoni i couldn't agree with you more

I don't think Tito is that smart to plan far enough ahead to leave Dana
hanging in the end. I hope this shows once again the kind of person
Tito is. Or if it's a publicity stunt for a future match that WILL happen,
then I'm cool w/ that.

i agree with you that tito thought he was setting this up. make dana go through all that training, only to know show on him.
I don't think he expected Dana to put this on free t.v. to show everyone he no showed. lol
Dana is the man.

"Perhaps Tito's intention was to put Dana through the hell of getting in to shape, sacrificing his time and body only to not get anything in the end."

Tito isn't smart enough to mastermind such a plan

It was funny that during the entire hour and a half, they were regarding
Tito as a 'champion' and 'top level mma artist,' when he really hasn't done
shit in the last few years. So Tito got great press, regarding him as elite
when he really isn't so great. But, he also looked like a huge asshole in
the end.

"and how about Gary Glitter's free press for his pedo shit? he's really got it made now!"

true, but at least it didn't hurt his business interests too much since his career began and ended in the 70s anyway.

"It is possible that Tito trolled Dana, but I don't think it was a smart thing to do. Just how much does Dana really need Tito now that he has his choice of the best LHW's in the world?"

Exactly, he may once have been Zuffa's main posterboy, but nowadays he's certainly replacable.

good thing i read this post. i can go to sleep before watching another second of this crap. this isnt the first time spike false advertised, fuck spike

"Don Imus too. he got so much free press, he got fired. awesome"

he'll get 2x the listeners on any satellite radio show that picks him up

tito didnt show, what can u say, he bitched out...

i dont know why dana would be mad. he looked good. probably made some cash of that show tonight and got into the best shape he's been in since the mid 90's.

"I wouldn't want to piss off Dana. He could make the next Pride vs UFC Match-up: Fedor vs Tito."

Tito still has plenty left in his pouch of creative fight-ducking excuses. I say Tito retires if Dana announces this fight, and then magically unretires a few years later after Fedor's vodka and WD-40 soaked silicon liver finally melts out of his robot ass.

Tito would probably rather get in the ring with Fedor than with Dana. You lose to Fedor, so what, the same thing has happened to some of the best heavyweights in the world. You lose to an undersized businessman with no professional fighting experience, you've basically become a joke. And if you win, you won't get any respect for it either.

Sorry, I lost you at Jessica and you know the forum rules.

why dont you sign your posts "Tito Ortiz fan and supporter" anymore?