Tito on MMAWeekly Today??!?!?!?!

Did anyone listen? What did he say about ROTR, TNA, UFC? Anybody, Bueller?

TTT. 38 views and nobody listened?

Somebody on the MMAWeekly forum said he knew nothing about the rumor of him vs. Liddell at UFC 54. Anybody?

I am sure he spewed a bunch of B.S. as usual.

"Tito gave nothing but props to Zuffa today on mmaweekly"

Looks like maybe Tito needs a paycheck. Maybe the Memphis area wrestling show is not cutting it.

i stole this from sherdog:

pretty good interview. he was on for 30 minutes or so basically talking about his future in the ufc and elsewhere. he debunked the rumor of him fighting a rematch with chuck in ufc 54 but did clearly state that his next fight will be in sept. his opp., local is up in the air but i got the feeling he already knows but doesn't want to say, for whatever reason. he also got into his ongoing riff with tank. stating that they genuinely don't like each other but stay out of each others way and, get this, he would welcome a fight with tank if the price is right.

the thing i didn't like was how he kept repeating "if the price is right" or "if it's a nice contract, sure". it sounds like tito has priced himself right out of the market. i'm all for a i guy wanting to get paid but at some point you need to re-evaluate your priorities. imo

I thought he came off pretty well in the interview. I was kinda sleepy when I listened and I was checking my e-mail ...

Things of interest:

-He did say he was fighting in Sept.

-Said he would love to fight Chuck, but hasn't been approached by the UFC

-He said he was 50 per cent of the way to a deal with K1

-He said his agent(s) had recieved an e-mail from Pride saying that they didn't want him if he wasn't a UFC fighter

-Said he wasn't starting a competitive fight organization with the people who's name begins with M (sorry) and that he hasn't been approached

-He said the 300-350K numbers that were reported were true and he said the UFC can afford to pay that much and fighters should be demanding it (maybe even have a fighter's union)

-Said he has to take care of his future and guys, though they love fighting can't afford to fight just because they love the sport, they have to think of their futures

-Said he wasn't around when the drama with BJ occurred and that's not something he would have been involved in anyway

-He said he would fight in Sept. (if I had to guess it would be with K1)

-Was asked who he thought was the #1 LHW and he said Chuck, and that if he fought him again, he wouldn't stand because of Chuck's punches (Randy shouldn't have either).

-When asked about Wanderlei, said he still thought Chuck was the best and Wanderlei was looking small lately

Trigg said Tito was his role model on how to deal with fans because he always makes time and he'll stand outside of a club for ages signing fan autographs and will take a picture with anyone.

Yeah, he was claiming he's never spoken with the Maloofs...

Tito has only himself to blame for the Zuffa stuff. When you hold out for more cash even though built as the poster boy for the UFC (and he was getting good paychecks anyway) then i don't blame Zuffa for showing him whos boss now.

The sport is bigger than any individual, except perhaps Kimbo...

agree with MMA for life!

If it were anyone other than Tito people would be all over the thread stating how he had done the right thing etc etc.

From the very begining fighters have been paid peanuts and from the very begining people have been complaining.

Now a fighter sets out his stall, says he wants X amount and people criticise him for it?

If it werent Tito, this thread would have died.

Accept the fact that whether you love or hate the Ortiz, everyone and i mean EVERYONE on this forum loves to hear about him.