Tito only wants to fight old men

Tito was suppose to fight either Franklin, Babalu, Tiger White, or Marvin Eastman at UFC 49, but what does Tito do? Instead of fighting a top or a decent fighter, he wants Ken Shamrock for a second time? Tito has nothing to gain if he beats Ken Shamrock again.

I got the feeling that Tito only wants to fight fighters over 40 years old.

I've got to think that this is something Ken or the UFC has pushed for, not Tito. It just doesn't make sense for him to want this fight, he has nothing to gain by it. He wins, so what, he already proved he could beat down Ken. He loses, his losing streak continues and he falls out of favor even more with the fans. I didn't hear his "trash talk" at the last UFC, but I can only think he is doing it because the UFC is asking him to hype the fight for them.

Agree with JRockwell.

Tito wants to be the center of attension so fighting bumrock again puts him back in the spot light.

Tito has some issues with "daddy" and perhaps he chases away the demons by beating up on older men.

I would have thought Tito would be afraid of old men after Couture spanked him in their match.

I just hope Ken didn't come up with that "I'll blast your ass" line. I was kinda scratching my head at that one.

Kenneth is correct. Tito wants all old men except Randy.


Couture showed the "Old man dad strength" and demoed Tito.

lol don't forget to add, Tito only wants to fight SMALLER fighters too...

It's a shame Tito wants to stay a Light Heavy too. Tito has been exposed as an average fighter with good wrestling skills, that fights physically smaller fighters. I predicted Tito would never have success against bigger fighters years ago. Couture was a true Heavyweight and Tito basically had no shot at beating him. He will have the exact same problem against Vitor Belfort, if he ever faces him. Chuck Liddell should be moving up himself. He's have a hard time staying at Light Heavy... Chuck's only problem will be, can he handle the heavies on the ground. He can strike with them.

Tito almost has no choice but to stay at LH.

".....knows how much the 2 of them drew last time, so the whole thing was probably staged."

That was my first thought.

Nothing like kicking someone while they're down hey guys.


Tito has nothing to gain by beating Ken again.