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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The time has come!!!!!!

Well the time has come once again. One week till fight time. I am ready more now, then I have ever been before. I think this will be the fight of the year, I will put it all out on the line.
I just finished my last hard day of training and I feel great. I 've been doing five 6 mins rounds with 30 sec rest in between and my weight is perfect at 219. Every day I'm running 3 miles in 19.36 with my recovery in 30 seconds... Believe me I'm ready for war.
He wants to fight the best Tito Ortiz? Well he got what he wished for! I'm very excited to fight. I'm fighting for the fan that support me. I'm fighting to shut his mouth. And I'm fighting to show I'm here to stay!!!!!!
I want to thank all the fans and friends that support me for all of my fights. I am going to prove that I have never lost my edge. 7-7-07 The PUNISHING of Rashad Evans will be the beginning!!!

Tito Ortiz

i hope the best Tito shows up....Rahsad is a good fighter , if Tito took him lightly, it would be a very painful mistake

cant wait for this fight

Tito, im cheering for ya man!!!

Tito!! Tito!! Tito!!

"I'm fighting for the fan that support me."

See? Even Tito know's there is only one fan out there supporting him.

I knew Tito would mention me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^


damn...I'm still a TiTo fan

give him hell Futa!

I hope an in shape and prepared Tito shows or Rashad is going to lay a beat down! Still a Tito fan though, but he needs to get rid of Yoko Jameson.

can't wait to see Rashad KO Tito!

Still a Tito fan, have been for years. Would like to see him win next week.

I dont think an in shape Tito is ever a problem. I hope an agressive Tito shows up. If Tito shows up and pushes the fight and takes Rashad down. Tito by GnP

He sounds pumped, and focused.

This could be good.

In shape Tito wins easily, injured, non focused Tito gets GNPed for a TKO.


Tito wants to shut up his only fan?


retire, nah

Good luck Tito

every fighter is in the "best shape of their life" going in as of late.

I just beat 19.36!!!!! 19.09!!!

how much do you think tito weighs at fight time? 220 + ?