Tito Ortiz on BDSSP tonight

tonight: 01-27-05

Tito Ortiz is on Best Damn Sports Show Period tonight

Check your local listings

They will also be counting down the top 5 UFC submissions.

That's awesome saucylv33! Now I'm excited about the show.

Can't wait to watch it now!

Also Brian Urlacher middle linebacker for the chigago bears will be on the show.

i can't wait to see mir's armbar on tim again...that should definitely make the list

lol, yeah and everyone other one of Mir's submissions!

ttt for some football player saying some ignorant shit about MMA.

nah brian urlacher is cool man he hardly says anything, last time he was on he looked shy as hell. There not gonna be on at the same time, i was just fookin around when i wrote that earlier.

i cant stand that show, but i might tape it so i can fast forward throught 83 minutes of crap.

I used to like that show but it seems like they changed the format to make it look mor elike a nighttime talk show.

It's no that good, anymore. But if I could sit through an episode of Walker Texas Ranger, just to catch a glimpse of Frank Shamrock, I suppose I will prolly watch this show as well ;-)

lol @ stickman!!