Tito Ortiz On Mad Tv

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AIRWAVES -- The UFC's Tito Ortiz has an upcoming guest appearance on MADtv that will air May 5 on FOX at 11 p.m. ET/PT and 10:00 p.m. Central. Cast members Bobby Lee and Jordan Peale join Tito in a MADtv spoof of a deodorant commercial that gets dangerous.


Didn't like Chack stealin' his riddum on Entourage.

Very cool

Did they sign a contract with him of not he might not show...lol

Let me guess:

Tito gets mad somehow, other 2 guys act scared.


FIS must write for madtv or something....

I heard the skit involved him acting as if the were doing a deodorant commercial..

he's playing a mexican   stuart

I smell an Emmy!

thanx for the info!


What Tito doesn't know is that it is a set up... Dana is going to show up gloves on ready to throw and punk him out on tv...lol

Herre is the link to the Tito mad tv video clip  http://mma.tv/TUF/index.cfm?ac=ListMessages&TID=1042393&FID=1