Tito Ortiz - Raw and Uncensored

The continuation of Training Day: Tito Ortiz is now up. We have a 2-part interview where he talks about everything from his training to Chuck Liddell to Lee Murray to when his next fight will be.Tito Ortiz: Raw and UncensoredEnjoy.

Thanks, that was a very good interview. Tito will be ready for Chuck!!

Gary Hughes

Thank you, Gary.

Nice interview Mike . What is it with you guys at insidefighting and the interviews your able to pull off . It says something about you and your crew . Once again good job .


lol at tito

IF: Tito doesnt like to get hit, and Im going to hit him. And he knows that.

Tito: No fighter likes to get hit! I want you to tell me one fighter who likes to get hit. Theres not one fighter in the world who likes to get hit. And if you like to get hit, then youre a stupid-ass fighter! I guarantee it! I never want to get hit! Of course I dont want to get hit. Thats an automatic. Thats why we work on defense and protection. We try to roll off punches. Its not this you hit me and I hit you back stuff. Thats a stupid hick-type of fighting. But hey, Chuck Liddell knows about that type of fighting better than I do. There isnt anybody who knows about that better than Chuck Liddell. Hes the type of fighter who will take a punch to give a punch. But Im not a person like that. I want to make sure that when Im 34 or 35 years old that I have a good train of thought. I want to make sure I dont develop a speech impediment. You know, I want to make sure I can carry on a conversation without stuttering or taking 4-5 seconds to think of a word or a sentence. Yeah, I dont like to get hit. I dont want to get hit. Fighters who say they like to get hit are stupid as hell. Thats for sure.


Once again great work, Michael DiSanto!
I'm looking forward to the next portion.

If you love Tito, or even if you love to hate Tito, this is an insightful interview and is an extremely entertaining read no matter where you stand.

This should be one hell of a fight!

great article Im looking forward to that to be continued part, when is that coming out?

Thanks Michael - great stuff as usual.

"I want to make sure I dont develope a speech impediment"

thats classic. Tito by TKO!!!

Thank you, Randy. I sincerely appreciate it.

Great interview. I think Tito might've got complacent before Randy. But he is hungry now.

ur the troll jerkoff.. we're just thanking him for the interview u pimple faced geek

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awesome interview. i was hoping to read something on lee murray too. oh well... i guess that'll be in the next interview eh?

Totalwreckage - part 2 will be out on Wednesday. He goes off about Liddell & Murray in Part 2.

Thanks again for all the good words. But the thanks should really go to Tito. He made this possible by opening up a day of his training camp for InsideFighting.

Mike- sweet looking forward to it. Great job.

He has plenty to say about Lee Murray in Pt 2. His words to Murray are what gave life to the title - Raw and Uncensored.

When will pt.2 be out?

Good read.