Tito Ortiz - Training Camp?

I am a huge Ortiz fan and still celebrating that shocking victory but what he revealed at the end didn't make me feel to good in regards to his training situation.

What is going on?

I thought Oyama was still in charge of his camps. And how can you only have 2 sparring partners? Jeez. I know Tito isn't hard up for money but I would love for him to broaden his horizons and train with a halfway decent squad.


Wonder if Tito spent any time at Big Bear in preparing for this fight.

It worked well ... Tito just got away from everything.

Train smarter not harder! As for going to more established camps, Tito said in an interview with Damon martin at MMAWeekly radio that "some guys in those camps dont like me very much". Talking about guys in jacksons or aka. What happened at kings? Phone Post

Whatever he did, it worked!

Well I knew Jackson's before it became "established" - just like Oscar Levant knew Doris Day before she became a virgin.

nobones...I was confused.

I had seen him with Ricco the last fight out but it seems Tito is always changing camps and whatnot.

For him to do what he does without an actual team behind him is crazy.

It would be nice for someone to show him some love as he only has about 3 fights left in him.

There's a lot of guys that legitimately don't like him, sounds like that is stopping him from getting in with one of the top camps. But whatever he did for this past camp seemed to work for him.

There are good trainers out there that people don't know. It's just that MMA is a scene where everyone runs to whoever is hot at the time. Phone Post

 I thought he was officially at Kings these days....what happened to that?

That's the thing.

I had heard he was at King's MMA BUT then nobones says that Shogun started going there so everything went out the window which is surprising because isn't Babalu there as well?

GriffinQ -  I thought he was officially at Kings these days....what happened to that?

No he has mutual acquaintances at Kings but he never took part of that team. He was working some Jiu Jitsu with Cleber out of Huntington Beach (The video of him and the Cyborg slam) but apparently that didn't work out or he only stuck with it for a bit.

IMHO, I think Tito knowing he was going to be cut, and having NOTHING to lose made him come out on fire! He was confident and he worked hard, it showed at the end.

I never really understood the Tito hatred. I know most of it comes from his past rivals fans' of Liddell or Couture, but Tito is 14 years deep in MMA and just beat a guy that was 1 win away from a title shot!

Maybe Tito getting his World Title back isn't too far-fetched? Okay I'm going overboard... *post

Either way, hope he stays with Jason Parillo at least.

His hands looked good. Beautiful set up and showed power. Could be he wasn't setting up his strikes too well as for a reason he hasn't registered many KOs in his career.

Do hope he gets a couple more training partners just to keep a fresh rotation.

That's the thing. Tito has been doing this damn thing for 14 years! He is a pioneer and has always wanted the fighters to get a reasonable increase in pay, etc. yet there are still 'haters' out there. Koscheck, I'm looking at you buddy!