Tito Ortiz Training Thailand, Wants Bellator Title








photos and video coming over the next week or so. Very humble guy - dedicated to his next fight. 

War TITO Phone Post 3.0

So Tito just happens to be training in Thailand at the exact same time as Cyborg? And at the same place? What a coincidence. It's almost like he never stopped managing her career.

Good for Tito, much luck Phone Post 3.0

What his next fight?? Phone Post 3.0

Oh man. In before fart joke

<img src=http://phukettopteam.com/admin/resources/10620664_688636714518670_7077839408284921239_n.jpg

^^that face shall be shopped (I hope) for years to cum

Looks like he's about take a knee to the chin in the first pic Phone Post 3.0

I bet the Thai coaches didn't dick him around like the Tiger MT coaches were doing (as posted on another thread).


Always down for a Tito Ortiz fight
Win-loss-draw always entertaining Phone Post 3.0

Go Tito! One of the greats.

Bellator LHW champ of the night, first defense against Seraldo Babalu please

Although I'm not a fan. I can only respect a guy in the twilight of his career continuously adding to his skillset.

True champion mindstate. Phone Post 3.0

Isn't he the uncrowded middleweight champ now anyways? Phone Post 3.0

Looks like he's trying to reinvent himself a little. Good for him! The man had terrible luck at the end of his career... Phone Post 3.0

He can have it Phone Post 3.0

How long will he be there? I can hop down to Phuket at the end of August or early September. And is it ok to come down and take a pic and have a quick meet with him? I'd be absolutely thrilled to have a chance to meet the great Tito Ortiz.

in for the shopping.

War Tito!

I imagine the time away will be good for him. Phone Post 3.0