tito pranks on ken

i can see tito pulling pranks on ken to diss him.

kinda like when bugs bunny would bug dudes.

i suggest the flaming paper bag of dog shit on his porch.

or ben gay in his cup.

any others?

Dead fish under his car seat,bucket of water over his door and a pin on his chair

Thw hoopie cushion is a classic that everyone enjoys. Perhaps Tito could offer Ken some "gum" as a truce, and he ends up chewing pepper gum or the kind that turns the inside of your mouth black. That would be a riot !!

Tito could tell Ken he patented the training regimen of "Steak, Chicken, and Rest" and that Ken owes him 50k in royalties.

Tito could get Vince McMahon to call Ken and offer him a new WWE Contract for tons of $...and have Vince go over a god-awful gimmick like the "Purple Caped Crusader"

Vince: You still have that Purple Cape, don't you Ken ?

Ken: Uhhh, sure somewheres.

Tito could wait until he goes into a tanning booth and lock him in it.