Tito - Raw and Uncensored Pt 2

As promised, here is conclusion of Tito Ortiz's exclusive interview with InsideFighting:Click Here!In Part 2, Tito goes off about Chuck, accepts Lee Murray's challenge and terms, talks about fighting on back-to-back shows (47 & 48) and more.

Awesome read!!!

and LOL @ "I had to tell the Hells Angels to kick back because they wanted to fucking kill him."

Murrays response on the Sherdog Ask The Fighters Forum


"tito mouth is as big as is head!the day we meet he will see how bad i am and he will feel how powerful a skinny man who weights a buck80 can be.i have never give it the biggan about what happen between me and him in the street i dont need his stripes i have my own.one thing i will say is dont get personal with me i dont give a fuck how bad you are in that silly cage that dont make you bad in the street."

Tito knows how to give an interview and hype a fight now. Plus he is a great fighter. He is generating some good excitement for his next few fights.

Lol at the constant song lyrics in the interview... but great job.

murray has no chance against Tito.

People love Murray for the same reason they say they hate Ortiz.

Tito wasn't acting during the interview. I sensed that there were real emotions there just like I sense real emotions with Chuck and Lee. Sure, Tito's great at hyping a fight. But he was pissed too. I have no doubt about that.

he just pissed off murray...i feel bad for tito now

"he just pissed off murray...i feel bad for tito now"

LMAO @ that!!

"The Iceman, Iceman with your belly it looks like the snowman"

"He needs to eat more people to come out wearing that mask....His ass is so damn skinny..."

lofl! Tito may not be a properly groomed speaker but he comes up with some hilarious material!

If hes such a man, come try to knock me out againSo he admits he was KO'd the first time : )Also, he gave Ken Shamrock props, damn...

"All the fans can say, Tito, youre beating up on another little guy. Cool. Good. Im beating up on another little guy."

hell yea!!!

murry asked for this one.

now he is gonna get embarrased.

"I want to fight back-to-back. Im going to give the fans what they want and thats Tito Ortiz. Theres no more fighting only once a year."

once again....hell yea!!!

that was an awesome interview...i wish april 2nd were closer

"I want to fight back-to-back. Im going to give the fans what they want and thats Tito Ortiz. Theres no more fighting only once a year"

seriously, im actually starting to like tito now, lol

He wants to fight a lot more than b4, and he even gave Ken Shamrock his props and called him a stud!


Please tell me I didn't just read that someone thought the snowman line was funny.

Tito is gonna fuck someone dude.. seriously.

I'm with you Atlantahammer for some reason after the interview I'm starting to like him more and more...although i'm still pulling for chuck to win

Whatever happened to the other three or four English fighters who jumped Tito along with Lee Murray in Tito's original version of events?

BTW, how about some LIMP BIZKIT lyrics for the next Tito article?