Tito Ready to Deal with Silva’s ‘Wing Chun, Bruce Lee Bullsh*t’

If there’s one thing I gotta respect about Tito it’s his absolute audacity. Lol


more front than a rat with a gold tooth.

Why the fuck would anyone book him again? Whats the point?

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I didn’t see any wing chun by silva

Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Wing Chung tonight!!

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People love seeing someone get knocked out

Silva vs Roy Jones finally should happen.

Real solid boxing from Tito on the inside, beautiful and natural, he moved so smooth.



Fuck Tito

Technically if he was matched up with a less problematic style he could have a decent performance. Not very realistic though.

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Tbh, you are right. If you are a fan, you have to put respect where it’s due, and respect is due where Tito’s name is (regardless of how his career ended) I just like to have a Laff jajajajajaja

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Cause he beat Chuck? Lol

Anyone with half a brain knows the story of that fight.

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wet suit silva vs brunson GIF