Tito responds to Cote and Mezger!!

Thoughts on this?


"I am sick of hearing I got lucky when Guy Mezger hurt himself. I wish him a speedy recovery but he didnt want to face me now,he was mentally defeated going in and his body shut down for fear of being pummeled by the #1 LHW in the UFC."

"Now everyone is saying I'm picking opponents? Cote chose me,he said he's ready but it won't matter,Tito is back and Cote is a stepping stone on my path back to claim my title. "

"As for Telligman,I already proved to his camp I'm too much for him, I had something to prove with Guy but I don't need to prove I can still throw kitty's back into glamrocks litterbox. #1 pound for pound LHW in the world baby. " - Tito Ortiz

Are you sure that isn't Manny Reyes speaking? LOL this #1 boasting is getting ridiculous!

He is sort of acting like Manny.

Mezger almost had a stroke, it wasn't very nice of Tito to say that.

like i said Tito, manny no difference, same talk

Well, at least Tito fights.

" I can still throw kitty's back into glamrocks litterbox"

WOW where does this man come up with stuff

yet another kitty reference

We can say at least Tito can fight unlike Manny "Sunshine" Reyes.

I don't really like Tito. But to compare him to Reyes? Y'all gots to chill.

yes im with tito as a fan, but everytime he opens his mouth to talk its like a trainwreck. Im still rooting for him to win.

Tito was cool as hell when I met him at the UFC. I'll always be a fan of his.

Despite the trash talk, it is unfortunately true. Tito would easily beat Guy and Tra.

Believe me, I am no Tito fan and will be rooting for Cote to knock him out, but at least he always has something interesting to say. I would like him a lot more if he fought in a more exciting style, although he did come to stand against Chuck. Come to think of it, i actually want Tito to win so we can see that rematch with Shammy. like it or not, it will get us more mainstream exposure and buys for the UFC.
PS-tito still should have fought tra, and tra still should have fought Whitehead.

he must have gottan hit so hard by chuck that he forgot his 2 straight losses

esch99 is correct. Like him or hate him, the sport does need guys like Tito and Baroni to gain popularity.

When Tito held out for money it was because he "didn't want to do damage on his friend."

When someone else pulls out due to health it's "he was mentally defeated going in and his body shut down for fear of being pummeled by the #1 LHW in the UFC."

Tito. Stop talking. Start fighting.

miano60, do you hate Jerry? Tito would beat Bohlander so badly it would make their first fight look like ballroom dancing.

Randy Couture is the number one LHW in the UFC.

Tito has skill, he was the champ for a decent stretch but its comments like that and so many of the others that causes me to like him

"Tito was respectful in his posts and gave Mezger his due props."

What the hell are you talking about? Guy almost had a stroke. Tito saying it happened because he was afraid is giving him props? That is low dude, even for you. Defending Tito is fine, defending those comments is dispicable.

"If you can't handle the marketing side of the fightgame, then maybe you should turn away from the sport."

Yea, sure thing. People on this forum turning away from MMA would be great for the sport.

I know that you are a Tito fan, but you're willing to defend him no matter what he does. He could say the sky is green and you'd still be on here supporting the statement.

Tito is completely delusional.