Tito says would be awesome if chuck walked out wit

Just saw tito tweet back to someone that it would be awesome if chuck liddell walked out with him at ufc 133.. as a long time tito fan and chuck hater.. this would BE EPIC!! REPPING THE LAST OF OUR GENERATIONS MMA GREATS

They used to train together, you know?

That was before Chuck realised that Tito was a soulless idiot, as everybody else had by that point. Phone Post

That would be just weird... but epic non the less

yes we all know the story .. if u see tito after his fights with kondo and wand chuck is in the ring taking pictures celebrating and all that .. they really are friends imo

 how about tank



Team Punishment reforms the pact! Phone Post

 This is one of those dumb and meaningless things that I would get all happy and sentimental about.


 tito swagger jacked tanks nickname.

Also, he and Chuck were friends, until it came time to fight and tito ducked him for 2 years

Old School, baby! Do it!

why would chuck do that? tito froze him out of a title shot for years and has talked a lot of shit

seems more likely he'd walk in with rashad