Tito seminar in Indy

Just got back from Tito Ortizs seminar in Indianapolis.. it was awesome. I still cant believe i actually met him. I learned alot of cool stuff.. and he was a real nice guy and very down to earth. He answerd all my questions and autographed tons of posters for every1. Also met chris lytle.. he was a very cool guy and really friendly. Great Experience .. and i recommend every1 whose a fan to go to one of his seminars if they ever get the chance.


Tito taking time out with the fans before his big fight with Chuck


What did he cover?

He coverd mostly subs and take downs and talked about conditioning and nutrition a bit.

Thanks for everyone who came out to the seminar. Tito did a great job of breaking positions down.
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Chuck should have attended, he could have learned something.

I want to thank Ring Sports Training Center for having me there and for everyone who came. It was a good time. Two day seminars are better because I can cover more. But thanks it was worth the time. Tito Ortiz




ttt for Tito

good stuff

Thanks for all the people traveling in the crappy weather to get to the seminar. You guys are more then welcome to come in and train if your in town.
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Hey guys, I was there also and it was AWESOME! Anyone who took pictures of the event, could you please send them to me? I only got to take a couple of Tito and myself and my bro. I would love any pictures dealing with the seminar, not interested in the pics he took with individuals. Thanks a ton!!

My e-mail address is: baadams@bsu.edu

If you could just put the subject as Tito pics so I know which e-mails pertain to this. I get tons of junkmail at that address so it would be helpful. Thanks!

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