Tito should fight Tiger White next

Tiger White deserves to be back in the UFC after stepping up and fighting Ian Freeman at HW to a draw on short notice. Tiger White is an exciting fighter with a good name for himself in MMA. The last mainstream fans saw of him was his hard fought draw to HW Ian Freeman.

The rumored match up of Tito vs Marvin Eastman is too dangerous for Tito at this point. Love him or hate him Tito has proved that he he puts asses in the seats and sells PPV's. Tito and Zuffa can not afford to have him suffer a 3rd loss in a row. Tiger White is as big of a name as Eastman and Tito would have a much better chance of beating White IMO.

Peter P

So basically you are advocate the UFC protecting Tito Ortiz...?

The last time I have seen the "Tiger" he was getting KO`ed in K1 by Bonjasky.

Bonjasky did win the whole tournie last year though (ie. the K1 GP finals in Tokyo)...but that was an awesome KO!

If Tito beats Eastman he can fight White and then Mezger. That would bring us to the summer of 2005, at which point fans would like him to see in another title bout I bet...(as fans are like that).

I still don't see Tito beating Liddell or Couture. Maybe Belfort as Belfort is probably easier to takedown than Liddell.

Columi, after losing his title to Couture he fought Liddell. Yes, I think it makes good business sense for Zuffa to protect Tito to a certain degree in his next fight.

Crowbar, the last time I saw Eastman he was getting KO'd by MacDonald. More recently, the last time UFC fans saw Eastman in the UFC he was getting KO'd by Belfort. The last time we saw Tiger White in the UFC he fought to a hard fought draw over Ian Freeman.

White should certainly be in the UFC. Maybe not against tito (and I like the Eastman match up) but he deserves to be back.

If Tito beats Eastman, I would like to see him fight Franklin next. Franklin is a guy that Zuffa built up well IMO feeding him Edwin Dewees. All that will go to waste if we don't see Franklin back in the UFC soon because he lost in Japan although mainstream fans wouldn't even know about that loss and us hardcore fans don't really care... we want to see Franklin back. Tiger White would also make a good first fight back for Franklin.

Peter P

I just read re-read your post and seen where you put "main stream" fans so yes you were right and I was wrong.


Mainstream fans want to see fighters like Vernon "Tiger" White, even if other fighters don't want to fight him.

Yeah Tito /white would be a good fight, I've been saying that for yonks, even if that doesn't happen White?Franklin would be good too!

i like tiger but i think tito would wreck him

The thing is I'm sure Tito would rather fight Tiger White than Eastman. That's why I think they should make this match. They both fought once in the UFC. People will remember Tiger White for his hard fougth draw with Ian Freeman. People will remember Eastman for his huge gash in his forehead that Belfort put there. Mainstream fans would actually see Tiger White as a bigger win for Tito than Eastman. Add to that the fact that Eastman would be a way tougher fight for Tito due to his wrestling ability. If your Zuffa you definitely don't want to see Tito lose two in a row.

Peter P

max power, that's why I think Zuffa should sign this fight. It makes good business sense.

Peter P


that's right ryan and that's why they shouldn't have him fighting such a dangerous fighter where his style doesn't clash well in Eastman. Tito would have a much better shot at defeating Tiger White.

Peter P

I'd like to see Tiger White back in the UFC.

Horn took Tiger down repeatedly for 5 rounds. I don't see why Tito would have a problem taking Tiger down the difference is Tito would do a lot more damage with his G&P. Tiger does have good ground defense however and would put up a good fight. I say Tito would win by TKO from strikes in the 2nd.

Against Easman, Tito could have a hard time taking him down and Eastman showed in his K-1 fight with MacDonald that he's a dangerous standup fighter.

Peter P