Tito: Some guy is s***ing my stuff

Tito Ortiz @titoortiz
This s**** was s***** from my home. I hope this guys does ***** or ***l. Someone is s***ing a bunch of your things.

Sounds like the lifestyle finally caught up with him

Outstanding. Cant wait for TUF too.

The Fight Agency?@thefightagency8h

Despite the s*** is getting about his come**** and his **coming *****. He's not f*****ing a bum, he's f****ing a ***** C******. 


Sounds horrible

Tito Ortiz?@titoortiz14 hrs

#F***** all day everyday.


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Good ***ing my Latino Brothers last night... & We're ***ing "IT" back!




I'm getting a head start for UG News

I am s****g what your doing OP Phone Post 3.0

S***ed like a good idea when I started the thread, wish I could take it back.

S*** happens.

I got 99 s***'s but a b*** ain't one.

The F*** is all this S*** then???
-Jesus H. Christ Phone Post 3.0

@titoortiz: @SandiGirrrl @ufcambernichole first step is eating ******. What you eat is what you become.

@titoortiz: Tough *****ing session. Putting in the ****. ????

Some of this stuff is really uncalled for Phone Post 3.0

Just P*****


Tito Ortiz?@titoortizMay 10

Nice 2 relax today.F***ing is my get away.