Tito - strippers - zombies

I know it's been posted but I just wanted to put the poster up again.

This movie will rock.

no way that's coming out in theaters.

review from someone who saw it -

"Most of the zombie action is just an excuse to get to the next pole dance, which coupled with the porn-level production values and porn actresses give the movie more the air of a porn film with all the sex taken out, rather than a zombie movie with some hot women in"

Tito looks like he's saying "Oh no you di-'ent"

romo shop?

More reason to hate Jennotiz, fucking up my favorite movie genre!


Zombie splat-stick with random nudity.

LOL @ "Eye kick ass for the lawd!"

this masterpiece will rival The Godfather and Citizen Kane. I can see oscars in both Tito's and Jenna's future.

evildead my all time favorite movie haha the zombie baby scene and the lawnmower scene pure classic

please tell Tito isnt wearing a Punishment T-shirt though the movie

Wow, so all those STD's finally turned Jenna into a zombie?

lol @ the Dead Alive clip.

That's my favorite Zombie movie, and Peter Jackson's best work.

Jay Lee is the producer

Here is the trailer
scroll down and press play to view


Same trailer You tube link

i've seen worse

I wonder if they read the OG to make sure that they had their zombie killing methodology correct.

There are a lot of expert zombie killers over there.

Freddy Kruger returns!