Tito, tell me your hit it!!

nice pic. I didnt hit. It who is it?

some hottie you posed with

aurora snow???

porno star aurora snow

doesn't tito have a wife

ttt for domestic violence

single now!

tito is a legit pimp, im not a huge tito fan, but i still think he is a great fighter, and hope he comes back and beats chucks ass

well i hope your right

Tito, throw my name in the hat with that broad...i wanna be a contender as well.

Its gotta be Aurora Snow.

Man she looks hotter there then when she is getting both holes plugged at the same time.

are you still married Tito? Does being a famous NHB fighter get you in good with the ladies?

Tito- Sorry about your divorce. That stuff is never easy, and I can
imagine it gets real complicated when you are such a high profile
person. I hope the changes don't get you down.

On a totally different subject, what are your thoughts regarding Chuck
and Jeremy? Have you rolled with Jeremy? How is his stand up? How
are Chuck's submission escapes? Just curious.

Like he would even tell you fucking dorks if he did

lemme have your necklace

C'mon Tito, DETAILS son, DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personal Question, Tito: What happened, man? Why are you single? I used to envy what you and your wife seemed to have. Was it your fame and stardom?

tito being on this thread makes me think he also reads the ones by shit talkers

DETAILS son, DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TITO how would a fight with babalu go...lots of respect for your cardio...your an animal when it comes to training...also did baroni juice when you guys trained together?