Tito, tell me your hit it!!

"I'm sure she's got brains, that's why she's a porn star and not a neurosurgeon."

I'll bet money she's a lawyer in 10 years, as well as a multimillionaire.

I'm sure Tito is enjoying the marriage advice from a bunch of guys who are single and/or bitterly divorced and/or married via knocking up a chick they hate and/or single with 1-5 "baby's mamas."

Yes. You can't pay for sage wisdom like that, baby.

The platinum cross, in Vegas, with a porn star on his side.

I would hit it!!!!!!!!!

ph ph ph phony

Ptm, you have waaaaaaaaay too many posts. Why are you bringing this thread to the top?

That's how he gets his post count so high.


I don't understand why people think having a high post count is cool, if anything it's completely the opposite.


man that's hot!!!.............

he must work out

that's a bad man!

Good morning Shonie, how goes the bling nation?

Is it just me, or is TTTing this thread a little appropriate for now?

LMAO Fin, I started reading it without seeing the dates. Almost shit myself. Nice work.

"Is it just me, or is TTTing this thread a little appropriate for now?"

Considering it shows how shitty this form now is.

Tito comes on here and people run their mouths and drive him/most other MMA fighters on this site off.

OK, I think it's generally agreed that most of us would hit it...

Aurora is okish cos she looks young, but pretty average overall.

Did Tito say he's single now?