Tito tried to hire Vitor Belfort for Machida but

he FAILED miserably!


“Tito wanted to hire me with a lot of money, but I said no. I said that money can’t buy everything. I respect Lyoto a lot, we trained together and he is Brazilian. I thank and said that maybe in another opportunity, but not now. Lyoto is Brazilian and that is his time”, said the ex-UFC champion, that commented about the Brazilians that went abroad to train.

HAHAHA Tito is fucken scared and desperate!

This has the potential to be the most boring fight ever. Tito will be fighting not to lose and not to look bad before his departure from the UFC.

Belfort and Machida are such different fighters. What could he possibly gain from doing this anyway.

Trying to get a quality training partner (who also happens to be a southpaw with good quickness, similar to his opponent) because you don't have a guy in your camp to simulate your next opponent is desperate? Sounds smart.

why would he hire Belfort?

there are better strikers,

better wrestlers

and better bjjers, Tito seems to run a smart camp i dont believe this one unless as a sparring partner and thats not big dollars

He probably thought that since vitor has trained with machida that he could get some insight into strengths and weaknesses.

 Don't they both train at Black House? (Machida & Belfort)

I love how the OP makes this out to be a pathetic move on Tito's part. Way to spin it.

He should hire chris byrd to train for machida.

"I love how the OP makes this out to be a pathetic move on Tito's part. Way to spin it. You have ignored this user."

It IS a pathetic move. Belfort never liked Tito and Tito knows that. Yet he tried to buy him off like some hooker. Besides, Tito knows damn well that Belfot and Machida are or used to be training partners. Stop trying to make him look like a good guy.



I believe Tito is a good guy,

its funny everything tito was trashed for holding out for more money renogotiong contact, getting the right fight and going "Hollywood" all while UFC posterboy is what Randy is being hailed for.

And wasnt Randy one of his critics (and actually Im for Randy and all fighters getting paid more then the organization getting paid.

Not suprising to say the least.

I am curious to hear who Tito is training with...

I wonder if Tito gets a post fight interview after he wins?

I dont see any report of Machida trying to hook up with Liddell or Ricco or whoever else Tito used to train with but I guess he's not that smart.

Tito also tried to hire Vernon White. But it wasn't worth it for Vern.

Either that or he beleives in his team and isnt that desperate. Tito is going to get smashed.

 He should have hired Vlady Matyushenko--


1. Vlady lives in LA-- he is close.

2. Vlady has spent a LOT of time working out with Lyoto at the rAw gym when Lyoto was training there. He knows him very,very well.

3. Vlady is a hard worker and would push him.

Tito will reign come May 24th

 Tito just needed a well rounded southpaw.  He solved that issue though and he has a GREAT group of guys up at Big Bear right now. 

poor tito, first randy and now vitor.