Tito Trinidad returns to boxing!

from fightnews.com:

Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora is reporting that Tito Trinidad will return to the ring the third week of June in Puerto Rico against a classified middleweight fighter to be named soon. Reportedly HBO will show the fight that would set the stage for a De La Hoya rematch where both fighters would earn $15 million and the official announcement of Tito's return to the ring is expected to come shortly --Francisco Andreu

Great for boxing, at least in the short term. I would have liked to have seen Tito stay retired but its his decision. He looked awfully out of shape last time I saw him but I predict he will light up whomever it is he faces. But can he beat De la Hoya? He had a hard time 6 years ago when he was much closer to his prime. Since then Oscar has had great performances, Tito's most notable action was being ripped apart by Hopkins. We will see.

In other news, Manny Pachiquao will retain Freddy Roach as head trainer. Roach helped guide Manny to a huge win over pound for pound entrant Marco Antonio Barerra late last year!


de la hoya will take out trinidad..Im very excited for this fight, i have been waiting for a rematch for years

awesome news. de la hoya won the first and should win again.

Trindad hits hard enough to give him a chance vs. anyone he fights.


Hopkins just mentally destroyed him forever, he will never be the same. Oscar won't have much of a problem, the rematch will be even easier for him.

I'm really surprise Trinidad will be back. He seemed pretty set on staying retired.

According to Don Felix Trinidad, Tito hasn't decided if he's going to come out of retirement or not. There is strong speculation he will (especially after comments he made at the Hopkins/Joppy fight) but nothing is definite. Don Felix did say that if he does come back then he will fight either DLH or Hopkins and will not take any tuneup bouts beforehand.

Also, I'm relatively certain that Freddy Roach will NOT be training Manny Pacquiao. Check out boxingtalk.net's brief on that subject in response to the fightnews.com piece.

Striker's right, Bernard fucked him up real good. He'll never be the same.

"But can he beat De la Hoya? He had a hard time 6 years ago when he was much closer to his prime."

Dude, that fight was not 6 years ago.

it was a little over 4 years ago

I'm a true believer in the "styles make fights" theory and Tito's style is tailor made for Hopkins. I hope he NEVER fights Hopkins again.

On the other hand I'd like to see him fight Oscar. The first fight was very close and I didn't think Tito would win the decision, but that's what De La Hoya gets for running so much. I think in a second fight they will stand and throw and I think Tito is too powerful for Oscar. No matter who wins, its a great matchup and I'd love to see it again.

"Dude, that fight was not 6 years ago"

-sorry, as I get older I assume everything is longer ago than it seems. It didn't seem like that long ago I watched that fight but I thought I remember it being in 97 or 98 my bad.

lol at De La Hoya getting 15 million, try 25 million and Trinidad getting 10 million. His ain't the Golden Boy for nothing.

so you are trying to say that Mosley didnt own DLH in the first fight??!! LOL!!

Mosley won a split decision in the first fight (VS Oscar). No one was owned. The second fight was about the same (in virture of domination) only for De la Hoya. Trinidad is an outstanding fighter and like I said, his heart and his punch give him a chance vs. anyone he fights. Who knows? For some fighters, time off is very good for them. But the Hopkins loss and the weight gain in the time off are very concerning. I am all for guys making as much money as they can in mega-fights. I only wish that both guys had the same guaranteed purse and the winner took home an additional 30% or so. However, Oscar IS the draw and I understand how business works.

more fights, less bullshit.