Tito used crazy monkey

Hey did u guys notice TITO using a lot of CRAZY MONKEY??? He did a good job for the first round...over relied on it the second and got caught.

It was a poor imitation of crazy monkey. In Crazy monkey you protect the center line of your face. Tito kept leaving a HUGE gap inbetween his arms which eventually led to his doom. It seemed to me like he was trying the old peek a boo defence (but without the big ass boxing gloves).


What Tito was doing was NOT crazy monkey. He was using a standard peek-a-boo defence you see boxers use. CM is more dynamic and from what I've seen and practiced, more active and aggressive than simply leaving your hands out there for potshots.
The man was being a fool for trying to stand with Chuck. If he relied more on his wrestling/ground and pound skills he might have been able to win a la Randy Couture.

Isn't that what I said

I agree with you guys...his stragedy was flawed...but he did last a round against a much superior striker. And his defense was solid for awhile.

Lidell kept moving his hands and Tito didnt/couldnt do anything to get off the fence. Maybe his vision was impaired? chances were a big shot would get through sooner or later IMO.

Tito's defense was tight, but he didn't counter punch, change levels or crash the line. Chuck managed to find one opening that floored him.

IMO, Tito was a beaten man when he stepped into the ring. Chuck was in his head.

tito kept his hands up high afraid of getting hit by chuck. he looked way too amped up. having your hands like that will make your shoulders really burn out fast. so by the second round tito's hand were burnt and he got caught. another thing is he had his shoulder forward in the first round so he defended well. but is looked like her reverted back to the muay thai stance that left him wide open to chuck's punches.

Someone send me a tape of the fight and I will let you know what he did wrong...have not seen it yet, that's what happens when you live in Africa!




This is a clip of the 2nd round.


Oh, it shows the last 30secs of the 1st as well.




I finally got around to watching parts of the fight. There is no way that was CM....everything he did was wrong...

His defense was, "Oh shit here it comes and I better grab my head before it gets knocked off:)"