Tito vs Chuck Next UFC

This fight has lost its excitement for me, Tito danced around long enough to see Chuck defeated BADLY, twice, and now he sees how to beat him so he takes the fight. Tito has also lossed since so seeing either of them lose IMO is more like "oh well" rather than "holy shit"

I don't know, I guess i will like the next UFC more if Vitor and Randy fight on the same card

Im sure it will be a good fight, i am saying that the hype isn't there for me anymore like it used to be. I mean i am psyched when guys like Jackson and Silva who haven't lossed a fight in years and are both top two guys sqaure off.

When Tito was SUPPOSED to fight Chuck, i would have been on the edge of my seat, but now i feel that its been a while since then and they have both lossed since so it just sort feels like a burnt out overkilled hyped fight.

I agree... Chuck's fight against Overeem and his loss to Jackson has lowered his stock somewhat. If he had fought and beat chuck a year ago he would have beaten a fighter in his prime now he is beating a good fighter who isn't necessarily top 5 in his weight cat. As for the result, Tito 'should' be a bad match-up for chuck, i see the fight going in a similar fashion as Chuck v Randy.


Im on the edge of my seat

great fight here. these guys are top competitors and exciting too

I agree with Steak Knife. I'm not as excited about it as much as I would have been had they fought when the momentum was going in the right direction. Maybe a fight between Chuck D from Public Enemy and Tito Jackson from the Jackson 5 might be better. It would still technically be Chuck vs Tito.


sylvia cabbage sucked. it was sylvia working a heavy bag basically


This fight can make or brake the career for both fighters as they were recently champ/ No 1 contender, but are coming off big losses. The winner will be pretty close to a new shot at the title, the looser won't. I'm sure it'll be a great fight !

I look forward to this fight. I think Chuck stands a good chance against Tito, but I don't think I'd bet any money on him....


I wouldn't miss it for the world myself. Then again, I watched the celebrity boxing shows, too.