Tito vs E.Jackson?

TTT for Tito!

thanks guys.

Eugene is a good guy.

It was in neutral grounds a great event where many up and coming fighters start, including me. It was a great fight pretty close with a decision for Tito.


You know, not too many people know this, but E. Jackson (Edwin) was actually the 6th Jackson. Pissed off Tito one night and Tito killed him. That's why they were the Jackson 5.

OK, once again I'll give the story...hopefully someone will archive it!...lol

Eugene and I went down to fight at Neutral Grounds, a few years ago. Eugene was supposed to fight Beau Hershberger, I am not sure how it all went down behind the scenes but we didn't know Eugene's opponent was changed to Tito until we were about to walk into the ring and we saw Tito warming up in the corner! Being the tough guy that Eugene is he didn't even flinch.

Regarding the weight issue, Eugene walks around at 190 tops (the guys is only about 5'9")and Tito was well over 200. There never was a weigh in but based on how much Tito cuts weight to make 205 in the UFC which is rumored to be 15+ pounds and he is very cut, I would put Tito at close to 225-230, as he was definitly not ripped that night. In Tito's defense I don't think he was really expecting to fight that night either, at least not Eugene.

On to the fight. As this was pancrase rules there was only open hands, in the standup exchanges there were a number of hard slaps by both parties, with no one really dominating the other. Now this was all long ago so i don't remember an exact play by play but at some point Eugen did have Tito's back but could finish. Tito slammed Eugen once or twice but couldn't mount his ground and pound like he does now. I'm not sure if Gene took him down but if he did it was probably a greco style "muscle down"....on to the end, about 45 sec left in the fight Tito was in Eugene's guard trying to mount some offense, both were pretty tired at this point and Eugene managed to get a guillotine on Tito, now if a guillotine is a 'schoolyard choke' as Keith Rockel or many of the other guys who have tapped to it what they think. Anyway, Eugene had this one tight, I was screaming for him to not let go...in my opinion Tito was on his way out, Tito's head looked like it was a zit ready to pop and he was definitly holding his breath...then the bell sounded!...damn, 10-15 more seconds and Eugene would have won...Tito won the decision...I can't say it was a bad decision as it was a close fight and Tito was at home...oh well.

I hope that give you guys a little insight into what happened. Of course I am biased to Eugene as I was in his corner and I think he was put into an unfair position but Eugen is an anywhere, anyone type of guy...and if he had only 10 more seconds the outcome would have been different...

Doug Evans


I only made the "schoolyard choke" comment as that's what I was told - just like I wrote. I wish I'd seen the fight.

By the way, a friend and I wanted to find out about classes at GTA. Do you guys have a website where I could find out about class schedules, and the adress?

Thanks in advance.

I heard that Eugene took Tito down during the fight. I think he mounted Tito as well.

That was a long time ago. I wouldn't doubt it entirely. Jackson does have pretty good wrestling ability.

I didn't ask him about specifics, but in September Eugene said he couldn't get a copy of the tape. He said Lober's got it, and he was never able to get a copy. He believes it's because it would have made Tito look bad.

Eugene said the fight ended with him having Tito in a choke, but I've since heard from other sources that it was a schoolyard choke and not really dangerous. Clayton Miller, who used to contribute to this forum, saw the tape.

Eugene also said he has signed papers showing that he had a huge weight disadvantage against Tito. I forgot what he said Tito weighed.

By the way, Eugene is the nicest guy I've met in the sport and I know he didn't say any of this to start shit. That's just what he felt. I also like Tito, so I'm not starting shit either. :-)

I was pretty sure Eugene said it was a "Neutral Grounds" event. I asked him about it at a meet and greet in September.

What event was this and how did it go?

According to ufighting.com, Tito won by JD, but it doesn't say what event it was.