Tito vs. Rashad... more NHH talk


"Rashad was asked if he was personally offended by the ['nappy-headed ho'] comments and he sort of gave an answer that I would classify as non-committal. He didn't say what Tito did was fine but he also didn't sound like he was too upset about it either. Rashad said at one point though his uncle called him and was very upset and said he needed to make Tito 'pay for all the years the black man was enslaved.'"

More from the same web page...

"Evans was very lively at times during the conference call. He had some funny lines and came across pretty witty. He was definitely talking smack to Tito and said at one point that 'Tito isn't half the man he used to be.' He also called out Tito's recent history of wins and said he hasn't beaten anyone besides Ken Shamrock. Evans came right out and said Tito got beat by Forrest. Tito talked a lot more smack than Rashad but Rashad had the better lines. I'd give the smack talk nod to Rashad."


Best thread in a while actually.

It's like looking at a car wreck. Keep it coming.

Damn, he's been banned.


Was he retarded? No, seriously. His sentence structuring, grammar, etc. was comparable to a toddler's.

Aww, I kind of liked YoDa. He was unique, at least.

Hey, while we're on the subject of banning, can I nominate Randy Lahey? He's got some real gems on http://www.mma.tv/tuf/index.cfm?ac=ListMessages&PID=3&TID=1080266&FID=1.