Tito will win, I'm 100% sure...

I am so confident Tito is pulling this off that if he loses...

... I will never post on this forum again.


Awwww...don't go Pony-boy. :)~~~

We will miss you =)

We will see him posting on sunday. pony has nothing to worry about.

Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.

Tito will win.

If I was betting, my money would go on Chuck. But I really don't want him to be champion anymore. I like him...just bored with him.

It wasn't Hutch's fault. I shot the pony!

I too think Tito will win, however I can't live without this forum.

Tito will win for you.......he can do IT!!!!!!

I am with you. Tito wins this in a shocker.

Shiloh, what sickness does Tito have (Joey posting that he is sick/was sick)?

I'm hoping Tito pulls it off too...makes things interesting (although, UFC style, it sets up the 3rd match...so maybe not ultra-interesting).

tito will win. if you believe it will be done

I'm gonna miss you, Bo.

Bye bye!

So long!

Thanks for all the fish....

you can stay but no more predictions from you.

And by 100%, I mean 0%.