Tito x Eastman?

i heard this fight may be in the works.

if this fight does happen, who ya picking?
i say tito but marvins a tough dude. it would be a cool fight to see.

eastman wins this one.

Tito is too big for Eastman. It seems that's the strategy to build Tito back up. If Shamrock beats Kimo, I predict Zuffa will try to setup a rematch with Tito.

yeah it might suck for tito. marvins a good wrestler with good stand up. i think tito would win but not easily.

"eastman wins this one. "

Of course; while it's true that a few months ago, Tito was ranked by everyone at anywhere from #1 to #3 in the world, he will now be beaten by a guy who's not in the top 20.

I would like to see Tito - Franklin

tito x franklin would be cool too

marvin is a k-1 level standup fighter. i would like to see him vs. liddell

tito- tito from the jackson 5

Beastman is not a good fight for Tito right now.

good undercard fight if ufc could promote it right. when belfort and eastman fought. ufc could of mentioned how both these fighters beat #1 and #2 lightheavy weight fighters in pride. If Tito fights Eastman, they still can.

Eastman has a lot of difficulty. Tito will own him in the clinch, and I don't think Tito will throw down with Eastman. Tito by body lock to G&P TKO.

I'd rather see Tiger vs Eastman and Tito vs Franklin or Babalu.

Hot Potato is correct!

Tito would take Eastman down for gnp. Too much size advantage.

Eastman had a great throw in the California state wrestling finals to win
state, he beat the shit out of Mark Trice in the finals.

Tito is not as fast as Vitor and I would bet Marvin learned his lesson in
that fight. Look for Marvin to keep his distance and keep Tito on his
feet as long as possible, this guy is not easy to take down either.

I think Tito has a great shot here as well, I'm just saying this guy is not
a pushover and will be a tough challenge.

lol i love it how ppl respond to specific predictions of a fighter losing by saying, 'well just a little while ago you guys were all over this guys nuts'... maybe some ppl were but I WASN'T, AND I'M THE ONE MAKING THE PREDICTION. I've always said tito would lose to guys like eastman. Quit putting words in my mouth.

Eastman is a friggin' killer! His showing in the UFC sucked, but he's been outstanding in the WFA and KOTC.

I give a slight edge to Eastman, but you can't count Tito out.

I agree - I want to see Tito/Franklin.

I would love to see a rematch between Eastman and Franklin (from WFA 1), and the winner could move on to Tito...