Tito's elbows, youll musta forgot!

I know there are a lot of people who dislike Tito, but before u act like Tito is a nobody...lets not forget something...Tito lost to Couture and Liddel...2 guys he couldnt get on top of...but people...when Tito gets on top, the man is a killer.

If u cant stop tito from taking u down which is 99% of fighters in the LHW division...well then your pretty much toast, the guys GnP is brutal, he rips peoples face open with forearms and elbows...now i think Randy is the best LHW on earth, but he was on top of tito for 5 rounds and didnt to all that much damage...if tito is on top of u for 5 mintues and u arnt bleeding...youve pretty much made history.

Im not saying u need to be a tito fan, or even like him, but lets not forget to respect his ability, when Tito Ortiz rains down elbows and forearms there is few if any more dangerous fighters.

One of the biggest bleeders in this game went 5 rounds with Tito when even spiked elbows were still legal and looked totally unscathed after the fight.

I'm sure Elvis Sinosic remembers Tito's elbows.

Tito gnp was not at todays level at that point...u musta forgot :)

Tito is one of the best GnP finishers in the sport.


Tito's elbows deserve they're own thread?

His noggin should get at least 10 threads.

Watch out for dem bows!!!!!Tito's GnP is better than many other wrestlers out there.He would have ended some people if he had the chance to, Randy's isn't at the same level but he puts people where he wants to so he doesn't need to worry about it.

tito should retire before next fight "

He loses to 1 and 2 in the division and he needs to retire now? Your an ass clown!

"look at toto vs. mezger II or toto vs. frank shamrock and tell me if he hits hard."

Both of those fights are from years ago.He's a much better fighter today