Tito's Mgr. Speaks To Maxfighting

Tito Ortiz's manager, Bardia Ghahremani, is without a doubt an extremely sharp and experienced manager who truly goes the extra yards needed to take care of his MMA fighter clients, aside from just booking them fights and taking his cut. Now you can read what the "man behind the man, has planned for the man" at www.maxfighting.com

Being an experienced talent manager and having also managed fighters in the past both in MMA and Boxing, I am very impressed by Bhardia and all he does for Tito and his other clients along the class and style that he brings to the table.


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Bardia Ghahremani Talks about ISA, UFC, Tito’s future and the possibilities of a Shamrock-Ortiz II Interview by Benny Henderson Jr (January 12, 2004)

Bardia Ghahremani is the master-negotiating powerhouse of International Sports Agency. The California based business takes pride in treating their clients like family, and in this ‘dog eat dog’ world filled with greedy, money-hungry back-biters, it is always nice to see a company treat their athletes like people and not just another dollar.

Whether it is NFL players or Mixed Martial Arts fighters they are always looking out for the best interest of the athletes and it shows. Bhardia is the 29-year-old lawyer, founder, Vice President of operations / agent, and manager of the UFC’s most colorful fighter, Tito Ortiz. ISA has also taken on such MMA fighters as Ricco Rodriguez, and is currently working with Tim Sylvia, Ortiz, Yves Edwards and Kit Cope, and is diligently putting together another “Team Punishment”.

With hard work and dedication, Bhardia looks to get the best deal possible for his fighters. Now with Tito fighting in his last contracted fight with the UFC in February, all are looking out to see what will happen next for the MMA bad boy. Will he continue in the UFC and take on arch nemesis Ken Shamrock, who recently called out Ortiz? Or will he entertain the many offers from other promotions such as PRIDE, K-1 and so on? Whatever the case will be you can be reassured Bardia will be right in the mix wheeling and dealing for his MMA superstar.

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BH - What do you see in Tito that you don’t see in any other fighters in the sport?

BG - Tito honestly has a charisma about him and he is extremely, extremely intelligent. People think that he is just brash, but if you got to know Tito on a personal level you would know that he is one of the most intelligent people you will run across.

BH - I understand there is a video being sold following the history of Tito Ortiz and Guy Mezger, which was made by his ex-manager. Is this something Tito or you authorized to be used with his name and image for video release?

BG - Actually this is something myself - since I am a lawyer - and a couple of associates of mine look into. This is not something Tito authorized. I don’t know if Guy Mezger authorized it, but we didn’t. The video is completely misleading, and in my opinion his old manager did it for his ego and his own self-fulfillment because the video doesn’t portray how everything came about and how it is today. It is a poor attempt at self-glorification on Sal Garcia’s part. I just don’t think that it was a smart decision on his part because I think he is going to pay more in repercussion than he understands right now.


Wow, if you actually read the interview in context, that manager really comes across as professional. I was impressed, and can see him getting more business from MMA fighters.