Tito's movie going straight to....


Darkhorizons.com (one of the more respected movie news sites) is reporting that there is a good chance that The Crow:Wicked Prayer will go straight to video and not have a theatrical release.

Apparently one of the actresses in the film (not Tara Reid) has stated that it will be in video stores by the end of the year.

There has also been a general bad buzz about the film. I'm an editor for an NBC show, and one of my buddies worked on the film and said that no one is happy with the way editing was going.

I haven't heard anything on Tito's performance, just that it's a shit film by a ll accounts.

I have not seen the film, but its a shame if its true. The cast is pretty interesting. David Boreanez, Tara Reid, Edward Furlong, Dennis Hopper, and Macy Gray. It's directed by Lance Mungia, the guy who made Six String Samurai.


It was always a direct to video movie. At least it was anncouned as direct to video when we first heard about it here months ago.

Six string samurai!
Heck, str8jive what else can we expect from Crow sequels? The first was the only decent one - and it still wasn't nearly as interesting as the graphic novel it was loosely based on.
By the way, when you coming back to 10th Planet to train? Haven't seen you there in quite some time. How you been?

I think we all expected it to go straight to video, since the third one (with Kirsten Dunst) went straight to video. However, Tito said initially that they were going to shoot for theatrical distribution. I thought they had a chance for a limited release, but its not looking that way now. Even if the film is decent, its reputation has preceeded it.

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I'm good. No car but I'm good. I should be getting my car back in a week and a half (that's what they're telling me). Once I get the wheels back, I'll be back. My cardio needs work, but I'll be good to go. Give everyone my love.

I also might be working at Playboy TV. How cool is that?

And yes, the original book by James O'Barr is amazing.

Tara Reid is fine.

Will the DVD have any extras? Commentary by Tito? Tito beating down some extras on the set?

Six String Samurai was very entertaining.


Any film with Pecker in it has gotta be golden

I also might be working at Playboy TV. How cool is that?Ed, I always wanted to tell you that in all honesty you are my bestest friend at 10th Planet.


The Crow the crow, w/your white face looking more like a dove.

that's unfortunate

big suprise.



Playboy TV! Nice. Just remember to keep all those trims - I'm sure there's a lot of good material you won't be using. You could even edit that shit together for some of yor 10th Planet friends... :)

Dunno about Tito's movie, but...

Watching Six String Samurai was a very enjoyable experience and I'm glad I got talked into watching it.

I dont care I'm a big Tito fan.

"I, for one, am shocked."