Tito's next fight

Tito lines up with Machida right now, but they already fought so the UFC might hesitate to put that fight together, who should Tito fight next?

IDK about Wand, he has a list of guys he wants to fight at 185 after Leben. He said he wants Sonnen, Belfort, and he would also fight Stann.

He should fight Forrest again.. or Rasheed

Tito vs Rich Franklin

It's time for this one don't you think?

Five Finger Death Punch - Tito vs Rich. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Vitor, Wand

 Was just looking who has fights. Vera doesnt. possible rematches with Machida or Evans.


Rich Franklin if he wins. Phone Post

I say Tito vs. Rich or Tito vs. Bonnar Phone Post

Five Finger Death Punch -  Bonnar. Phone Post

 Has a fight in December but it would of been a good fight



Rich/Lil Nog or Evans/Davis winner

I'd like to see Tito vs Bonnar, or Tito vs Rich if he beats Lil Nog in August.

I don't think Tito deserves to fight the Davis/Evans winner, the winner of that fight is a #1 contender.

Who does Bonnar fight in December?

winner of Antonio Nogueira and Rich Franklin 100% Phone Post

He should call out Ken so they can resolve their issues once and for all, then he will be undisputed #1 contender and get his belt back.

Rich or lil nog Phone Post

Everyone has said it already. Winner of Franklin/Nog.