Titos standup

Why does he look so bad standing? He just does not look comfortable on his feet. Can anyone explain.

JROB...he needs to train with the straight blast gym...but he's what you call contact shy.

He looked alot better standing against Chuck, Ken, and even against Guy Mezger the 1st time they fought in the beginning of his career.

I've seen highlights of the bohlander, mezger, even frank shamrock and silva his standup was better then.

Tito has lost confidence on his feet.Plus he does NOT like to get hit.

Who likes to get hit? I don't ...

I am sorry but not many people like to get hit buddy.I am not a fan of getting hit but if I need to take a shot to get better shots in or get a better postion then so be it.Tito isa a smart fighter when he gets the fight to the ground.